Forty Seven Bank Releases API now Allowing Developers Worldwide to Submit to their App Store

Forty Seven Bank, a new banking startup currently in the final stretches of its ICO, reached a huge milestone this week when it publically released version one of its API (Application Programming Interface) giving developers globally the opportunity to use its infrastructure when developing applications. It allows them to tap […]

Ireland’s Department of Finance to Create a Blockchain Working Group

It’s a known fact that the cryptocurrency sector and the blockchain sector have their fair share of issues. In fact, just last week, a team of researchers in Germany discovered that child pornography was being stored in Bitcoin’s blockchain. It can’t get much more controversial than that, can it? That […]

Pablo Escobar Cryptocurrency – Claims BTC is the CIA’s creation

Pablo Escobar’s brother announces his own crypto and claims Bitcoin is the CIA’s creation. The world of cryptocurrencies never ceases to surprise and this week the most peculiar news comes thanks to Pablo Escobar Gaviria’s brother (the most famous and drug lord of all time.) Roberto Escobar Gaviria, founder of […]

Hydro-Québec to Stop New Cryptocurrency Mining Projects in Province

Today, the province of Québec made the announcement regarding Hydro Québec that I have been waiting for this entire month. What Happened? It all started on March 4, when I reported that the Canadian province is unsure of whether Hydro-Québec can power all of the projects interested in cryptocurrency mining […]

5 Long Cryptocurrency Holds: EOS, Cardano(ADA), Tron(TRX), Lisk(LSK), & VeChain Thor

Cryptocurrency gained mainstream adoption towards the latter half of last year. Many individuals decided to jump on board with the altcoins that would make them the most money, in the quickest amount of time. Most had zero to little investing experience, and when the market corrected the second week of […]

Bug Caught That Allowed Coinbase Users to Garner Unlimited Amounts of Ether

On March 20, 2018, it was revealed that a bug hidden in Coinbase’s Ethereum smart contract setup could have given users access to unlimited amounts of ether. At press time, it does not appear as though the vulnerability was ever exploited or even noticed by users.The issue was first discovered […]

GIFcoin Attracts Cryptocurrency Industry Top Experts to Advisory Board

GIFcoin is serious about providing excellent service to their clients by growing their team with experienced and knowledgeable industry experts.  They’ve done this by recently making a winning bet and welcomed eight new members into their team. The multi-billion-dollar online gambling industry offers people an exciting, and sometimes lucrative, escape […]

Why Tron (TRX) Could be Prepping for a Surge

Tron (TRX) – Holders of Tron may want to keep their TRX tokens for the upcoming events that are projected to boost its price up. Founded by Justin Sun, Tron is aiming to create an environment providing a free content entertainment industry by using the blockchain and distributed storage technology. […]

A Non-Anonymous Stablecoin? Saga Launches With Big-Shot Advisor Team

The Saga Foundation is developing a stablecoin with the help of CME Chairman Emeritus Leo Melamed and Nobel Laureate Myron Scholes among others.

This Tiny Altcoin Proves There’s Light in the Crypto Tunnel … – Coinspeaker

This Tiny Altcoin Proves There's Light in the Crypto Tunnel … is an online booking platform for hotels and properties. Much like other booking sites that today's travelers use, they have their booking platform (which is currently up and running in alpha) connecting hotels and properties to guests …and more »

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