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April 30-May 4: Top Crypto News

The first week of May is over, and what a week it was. There is a lot to reflect on, especially with everything that went on in the crypto space. So, without further adieu, here is this weeks top crypto news.  This Week’s Top Crypto News  April 30 – May […]

Ripple(XRP), Tron(TRX), & VeChain – Time to Buy?

The cryptocurrency market is mostly in the green today, as it’s currently nearing its month-long high. Today, we’re looking at three coins that continue to surge: Ripple(XRP), Tron(TRX), and VeChain. Source: CoinMarketCap All but five coins on the top 100 are seeing losses this morning, which is great news. There […]

TRON [TRX] Latest – $1 Million USD Programming Contest Details Revealed

TRON [TRX] – The Tron Foundation is full steam ahead, as May 31st is just 6 weeks away. Recently, Justin Sun, Tron’s Founder announced that they would be initiating Project Genesis. During our testnet launch, I announced that 1 Billion USD will be dedicated to the #TRON community rewards program. […]

Tron [TRX] Super Election & Tron Dogs Upgrade

Tron [TRX] has been ramping up lately, as the days are ticking down to May 31st when Tron’s main net is set to launch. Nearly two weeks ago, the Tron Foundation initiated their test net and TRX jumped nearly 50% in price just a few days later when the coin got […]

Ethereum [ETH] vs. Tron [TRX] – Founder Twitter Brawl Rages

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s notorious leader, has been on a confrontational rampage lately starting with his April fools meta-joke about “capping” the supply of Ether at 120 million. After explaining his thoughts on the proposal he found valid, Buterin wanted to point out his well-hidden joke bringing back up the Tron […]

Tron [TRX] & Tron Dogs Update – 4 Days Since Launch

Just four days ago, the Tron Foundation launched the first part of their team’s lofty project roadmap to decentralize the internet and give the power back to the creators. Tron’s ICO concluded back in September of last year and has been highly criticized for how long it has taken the team to release […]

TRON [TRX] Test Net Launched – Full Steam Ahead

The long-awaited Tron [TRX] test net has officially launched. Watch on #Periscope: #TRON testnet is launched! #TRX $TRX — Justin Sun (@justinsuntron) March 31, 2018 Justin Sun, Tron’s founder, announced the test net launch via periscope, shown above. It happened just a little over an hour ago, and it […]

Tron (TRX) Dogs Controversy – Unannounced Seizing of Player Profits

Tron Dogs has been blowing up the crypto collectible gaming space as of late. Just recently, released new features that finally allows players to breed their dogs with other players dogs and the community has been ecstatic. ran into some controversy and trouble when trying to release their […]

Tron (TRX) Soars 75% Prior to Test Net Launch

Update: As the days draw closer to the Tron Foundation’s test net launch, TRX continues to rise. Much of the community around the project is buzzing as this will be one step closer to a working and tangible product. Just this week, TRX’s price has risen 75%. Tron’s test net […]

EOS, Cardano(ADA), Tron(TRX), Lisk, & VeChain – 5 Long Holds

Cryptocurrency gained mainstream adoption towards the latter half of last year. Many individuals decided to jump on board with the altcoins that would make them the most money, in the quickest amount of time. Most had zero to little investing experience, and when the market corrected the second week of […]

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