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Cryptocurrency Mining Legalized in Iran by the Financial Fee

After a number of weeks of hypothesis, the Financial Fee of Iran has lastly accepted cryptocurrency mining as an business within the nation. On July 22 the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture made an announcement approving crypto mining. The Fee indicated that the Iranian authorities was in search […]

Bitcoin Mining Tools Demand is Exceeding Provide

Because the world’s largest crypto by market cap hurtles previous 11ok, the demand for brand new Bitcoin mining tools is exceeding provide. Now, producers are feeling the strain to provide sufficient machines to fulfill this demand. Are we revisiting the identical situation that occurred on the finish of 2017, the place […]

Btc Devices Diversifying from Shanghai in the Us all over Governing Relates to

Btc devices in Shanghai are steadily attempting to find rejeniration to another country as a consequence of the supposed trading quarrying prohibit, the Chinese people government’s smart situation regarding cryptocoins, plus the escalating tension due to the continual work civil war in the Us all. Squire Harvesting to effectively Provider […]

China’s NDRC Wants to Ban Crypto Mining: Another Clamp Down

According to Reuters, China’s state planner wants to ban Bitcoin mining. The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has updated a draft list of industrial activities that it is looking to encourage, restrict, or eliminate. The list was first published in 2011. NDRC Wants to Ban Cryptocurrency Mining Unfortunately for […]

What Does the Bitmain IPO Abolition Mean for Cryptocurrency Industry?

Bitmain Technologies has abandoned its IPO enthusiasm after the company’s Hong Kong stock market proposal listing expired earlier this week, sparking debate on the future of the entire cryptocurrency market. The company did say that it plans to reapply at an appropriate time in the future, saying that “despite the […]

Coinbase CTO Believes Home Cryptocurrency Mining is the Future with Coinmine

Coinbase’s CTO, Balaji Srinivasan, has just announced his thoughts of the future of home cryptocurrency mining. Bitcoin mining and crypto mining in general are a huge industry, which exploded last year when digital currency interest hit mainstream. A new startup is trying to take another stab at popularizing at-home cryptocurrency […]

Two Teachers Mine for Ethereum Using School’s Power

Teachers Mine for Ethereum: Mining for cryptocurrency comes with its controversy. Energy consumption is already the most eyebrow-raising aspect. So what about using the local school’s computers to mine for Ethereum… during school time? Oh, and you’re the principal of the school. This is exactly what happened in Hunan Province, […]

Bitmain’s is Launching an Ethereum Mining Pool

Bitmain Adds Ethereum Mining Pool: The world’s largest Bitcoin mining pool is cheating on Bitcoin. Bitmain’s is expanding to add an Ethereum mining pool which will initially support both Ethereum and Ethereum classic.  Users will now be able to switch their hashing power from one pool to another, in light of what’s […]

Should We Regulate Cryptocurrency Mining?

Regulating cryptocurrencies has been a hot topic for years now. While some believe regulation would be hypocritical to an ethos whereby users govern their own network and money, is there anything to be said for regulating aspects of cryptocurrency…say a cryptocurrency mining regulation for example? Cryptocurrency Mining Regulation – Here’s […]

Bitcoin Mining – What You Need to Know About It

Crypto energy consumption: Bitcoin took the world by storm. Some experts warned against trading it, touting it as fraudulent. But as time went by, the cryptocurrency remained strong, surprising everyone. These days a lot of people are trading Bitcoin and investing in it, in hopes of making a profit. There […]

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