Month: August 2018

OECD to Examine the Potential Impact of Blockchain Next Month

OECD plans to host an international conference on blockchain technology next month.

Crypto Exchange AirTM Targets Troubled Markets With $7 Million Raise

Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange AirTM has raised $7 million it says it will use to expand in troubled Latin American economies.

The Crypto Fraud that Promised Investors Shipwreck Gold

Cryptocurrencies transformed the way we glance at transactions, but against the grain, they have also encouraged cybercriminals to lead some massive frauds over the past few years. While the cleverest minds have developed some beyond-belief organizations upheld by the might of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, wicked minds have also pounced on […]

China’s Ban on Crypto Continues—Guangzhou District Hit

China’s ban on crypto continues across the country as the Guangzhou Development District is next to be hit. What’s going on? China’s Ban on Crypto Continues Last week, a very similar ban was imposed in Beijing’s Chaoyang district, whereby venues were handed out fliers detailing a prohibition against commercial venues […]

What the Experts Want You to Know About Buying Bitcoin

Over the past few years, more and more investors have decided to enter the Bitcoin market. There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies have gained in popularity. At the same time, their prices have climbed higher and higher. Bitcoin has been at the forefront. This digital currency has really paved the […]

Bithumb Will Reopen Account Registrations!

The second largest South Korean cryptocurrency exchange, Bithumb, will reopen account registrations after a month of closure. The reason is down to the exchange regaining its partnership with Nonghyup (NH) Bank. Bithumb will Reopen Account Registrations In South Korea, crypto exchanges must provide virtual bank accounts so users can withdraw […]

Filecoin Looks to Mid-2019 for Blockchain Storage Network Launch

Blockchain storage startup Filecoin announced it would launch its mainnet sometime near the middle of next year.

Blockchain Courses Popular With University Students, Coinbase Study Finds

Crypto is making its entrance into the world’s academic scene, and students are lining up to learn.A recent Coinbase study reveals that University students want to learn more about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Commissioned by Coinbase in partnership with Qriously, the survey sampled 675 U.S. students, and it found that […]

Venezuela’s Maduro Orders Banks to Adopt Petro Cryptocurrency

Venezuelan banks have been ordered to use the petro, the Maduro government-launched cryptocurrency, as a unit of account.

Montana Senator: Closing Coal Plant Could Hurt Bitcoin Mining Industry

The crypto industry has scored another first, as a junior U.S. Senator from Montana, Steve Daines, has lobbied against the planned closure of a coal-fired power plant in Rosebud County, arguing that its closure could harm the growing cryptocurrency mining industry in the state.According to reports, the Colstrip coal plant […]

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