Month: June 2018

Bitmain Nears 51% of Network Hash Rate: Why This Matters and Why It Doesn’t

Recent Bitcoin block data shows that Bitcoin’s mining pools, AntPool and ConnectBTC, respectively mined about 25.7 percent, 16.1 percent and 0.2 percent of all new blocks over the past week. This makes for a combined hash rate of 42 percent; an all-time high for the Chinese mining giant’s mining […] Wants to Rewrite the Entire EOS Constitution

Attempts to sort out the results of hacks and scams have resulted in a constitutional crisis.

Crypto Wallet Startup Blockchain Launches Institutional Platform

Bitcoin wallet provider Blockchain (formerly known as launched an institutional advisory platform, the company announced Thursday.

After Verge Disaster, Why Is Pornhub Doubling Down on Dubious Altcoins? – Bitsonline

BitsonlineAfter Verge Disaster, Why Is Pornhub Doubling Down on Dubious Altcoins?BitsonlinePornhub's announced — just over a month after the disastrous series of 51 percent attacks on Verge — that the pornography media website will be accepting two additional altcoins as payment for their premium services. But their choices of …Tron […]

Coinbase Responds to Criticism: Set to Open New Portland Office with Focus on Customer Service

Following a barrage of heavy criticism for being widely underprepared in terms of customer service, Coinbase is set to open a new office in Portland that will be focused largely on customer support, compliance, finance, IT, and HR. Failing Customer Support Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US, has […]

The Watchlist: Three Potential Cryptocurrency Hubs Around The World

Within the last year, we’ve seen the coveted wealth that cryptocurrency has brought to many. Unlike brokerages, central banks, and other mainstream financial products, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology propel the world towards anonymity and security. Because of this, many crypto advocates wonder where the next hub will be. Will it […]

Crypto World Cup Day 15: Justin Sun vs. Satoshi Nakamoto

Day 15 of the Crypto World Cup had some neck-to-neck matches. There were four matches in total today but all eyes were on the Justin Sun vs. Satoshi Nakamoto match. Today’s matches concluded the final day of round one of the Crypto World Cup! Meet the players of this year’s Crypto […]

Fundstrat’s Robert Slyumer: Bitcoin Must Rally Through $6,300

Speaking on CNBC yesterday, Fundstrat’s Robert Slyumer has given his opinion on the BTC charts. He believes that the current Bitcoin downtrend can only be reversed if the coin creates a short-term break, through the $6,300 mark. The Bitcoin analyst studied the Bitcoin 15-day moving average charts from May and said: […]

Bitcoin Airdrop and Azul App to Send Millions in Bitcoin to Venezuela

Can a Bitcoin Airdrop help the people of Venezuela? The country is considered one of the world’s most oppressive monetary states. Unfair practices implemented by its government to maintain control of its people has resulted in the following; “severe shortages of medicines, medical supplies, and food have intensified since 2014, and weak […]

Bank of England Warns Executives of Crypto Risks – An Important Reminder

Bank of England crypto opinion: Earlier this year financial and political institutions in the United Kingdom decided to respond to claims that the crypto industry has risks attached to it. This would not be the first time the UK spoke on this topic. On Thursday, June 28th, the Bank of England […]