Month: June 2018

Below $0.50: XRP Prices Fall to New 2018 Lows

XRP and other well-known crypto assets are sitting on dangerous grounds as they print new price lows not seen since 2017.

NEO Token Development Maturing

Despite the decline in crypto values, the blockchain space is maturing at a very rapid pace. Development and adoption are at all-time highs, and global interest continues to spread. Over the next few months blockchain technology is expected to move beyond the theoretical and into real-world usage. This step promises […]

Ross Ulbricht Is Denied Prison Sentence Review by Supreme Court

The Supreme Court announced on June 28, 2018, that it will not reconsider the conviction or life sentence of Ross Ulbricht, the alleged mastermind behind the darknet site Silk Road. At press time, no reason has been provided for the Court’s decision. Ulbricht was first arrested in October 2013 at […]

Tron’s Election Is Underway, But Who’s In Control of the $2 Billion Code?

Tron is in the process of electing “super representatives,” but who’s behind the wheel until the votes are in?

Lightning Network ‘Really Does’ Solve Bitcoin Scaling: Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos has defended the Lightning Network as an optimal Bitcoin scaling solution, saying it is “naive” to assume that its current nascent state means it will fail to scale in future. Critics ‘Misunderstand Engineering’ Speaking as part of his regular Q&A sessions, the celebrated cryptocurrency educator and lecturer addressed […]

Less than 4% of Crypto Coins are Successful

Today has not been the best day for cryptocurrencies everywhere. With Bitcoin declining below the critical $6K level, it marks the furthest drop in the coin since November. Declining as much as 4.2 percent on Friday, it is currently trading around the $5,900 mark; this is whopping 59 percent decline from its highs […]

Charles Hoskinson (Cardano) Suggests that Tron (TRX) Should Switch to Mantis

Charles Hoskinson suggests Mantis: Last week, Tron (TRX) was heavily criticized as developers outside of the project discovered that most of the code on Tron’s platform had been taken from Ethereum’s EthereumJ library. Tron celebrated its ‘Independence Day’ from Ethereum on the 25th, but ironically it wasn’t independent from the […] Proposes EOS Constitution v2.0: No More Account Freezes? released its proposal of a new version of the EOS constitution: the EOS Constitution v2.0. EOS has been under fire recently for its block producers freezing user accounts without the account owner’s permission. Does the new constitution address this issue? EOS Constitution v2.0: What’s in It? One of the […]

Binance Crypto Exchange Launches in Uganda

Binance Uganda: The world’s most active cryptocurrency exchange by trade volume, Binance, just announced that it would be opening its first exchange in Uganda. Official Launch of #Binance Uganda Fiat-Crypto Exchange — Binance (@binance) June 28, 2018 According to the statement made on the company’s website, Binance told its […]

Crypto World Cup: Who’s Out and Who’s Advanced to the Knockout Stages?

It’s here – the moment everyone has been waiting for has arrived! Group stages of the Crypto World Cup are over, which means we’re moving onto the best part of the tournament: the knockout stages. No more weak crypto players or unfair matches (though there will be a few: looking […]

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