Month: May 2018

Roger Ver on ‘the Flippening’: Ethereum Will Upstage Bitcoin Before the End of 2018

Roger Ver believes Bitcoin’s days at the top of the crypto tree are numbered. In an interview with The Independent, the former Bitcoin evangelist said that other cryptocurrencies were more technologically advanced than Bitcoin. He identified Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash as the harbingers of the coming flippening. Bitcoin is Outdated […]

New Zcash Software Sets Stage for ‘Sapling’ Upgrade

The development team of the zcash cryptocurrency has released new software that contains support elements of the network’s planned Sapling upgrade.

Headphones Maker Monster Is Quietly Planning A $300 Million ICO

A longstanding company in the consumer products business wants to fund its own distribution service with a giant ICO, hoping to lure peers to join it.

Scotland Hospital Opens Rehab Center for Crypto-Trading Addicts

We all indulge in guilty pleasures from time to time. Whether it’s chocolate, alcohol or something completely different, everyone has something that tantalizes their senses. For some people, that “something” is cryptocurrency. Now, a hospital in Scotland is working to help those who have taken their love of crypto a […]

DasCoin And Other Altcoins Could Go Higher Than Bitcoin – BCW

BCWDasCoin And Other Altcoins Could Go Higher Than BitcoinBCWWith the advent of Altcoins such as DasCoin entering the public market in the years leading to the present, Bitcoin has slowly relinquished the front stage, relegating itself to a placeholder role, wherein it remains as a non-liquid but value-stable …

EOS ICO Takes the Cake: $4 Billion Raised

The EOS ICO is about to make ICO record history. The year-long ICO is set to finish tomorrow with $4 billion invested in the project. EOS ICO, the company launching EOS, raised capital for their blockchain project by auctioning off the EOS tokens. For the past year, every 23 […]

EOS Mainnet Launch: Confirms All Systems Are Go!

There was fear that after a vulnerability was discovered in the EOS code, the EOS mainnet launch might get delayed. But have no fear because that’s not happening! confirms that all systems are a go and the EOS mainnet launch should still be coming out according to plan. EOS […]

Ethereum Classic Fork Successful: “Difficulty Bomb” Diffused

With the success of the Ethereum Classic fork, what’s next for ETC? Ethereum Classic Fork: What Happened? The Ethereum Classic fork was completed to diffuse the so-called “difficulty bomb” that was coded into the Ethereum code. This code basically causes Ethereum mining to become more difficult once it switches to its […]

Bitcoin Cash Holding at $1K, But EOS is Grabbing all the Attention

Bitcoin Cash price (BCH) rebounded from a one-month-low of $890 amid a broader market rally. The fourth largest coin rose at a double-digit rate in Tuesday’s trade and is increasing at a mid-single digital rate today. The BCH coin trades above $1K today – with the market cap of $17.4 […]

Crypto Mining News | To Mine, Or Not to Mine?

In 2018, the topic of crypto mining, otherwise known as crypto farming, has come up quite a bit. There’s been a lot of crypto mining news circulating the masses over the last few months, primarily because we have seen various nations take a step back from crypto farming. Why? It […]

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