If the 49 ers win the Super Bowl, the parade will supposedly remain in San Francisco

If the 49 ers win the Super Bowl, the parade will supposedly remain in San Francisco, English Subtitles

The 49ers don’t want to get caught celebrating early, but it appears they’re already making plans for a Super Bowl parade through the streets of San Francisco.

Super Bowl LIV is the first time the 49ers have had to plan a championship parade since moving to Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, so there was concern among some wondering where a possible celebration would take place.

But fret not, Faithful of The City: The Lombardi Trophy will ride down Market Street rather than Great America Parkway, according to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Scott Ostler.

Former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown served up the intel to Ostler, saying he wasn’t in the city’s discussions with the team, but was near enough to hear: “The only question is, how in the hell do we pay for it?”

Ostler also reported a potential parade would be on Wednesday, Feb. 5, citing an anonymous source who surely didn’t want to jinx the Niners.

The Niners have had a somewhat contentious relationship with the city of Santa Clara, so negotiations on how to pay for a parade there might have featured extra sticking points beside the fact that it would not have the gravitas of a San Francisco parade.

Another option with a larger downtown area near the 49ers’ facility would have been San Jose, but with no team ties to the city, that would make little sense.

Both the Chiefs’ practice facility and Arrowhead Stadium are within Kansas City, Missouri’s borders, so should the 49ers lose next Sunday there would be little discussion of where to host a parade.